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Account Executive

Emma graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a bachelors in business administration and a women’s basketball national championship. After she hung up the shoe laces, she entered the world of corporate and wedding event planning before taking her experienced skillset to Creative Spot.

Emma is known for her organizational skills, competitiveness, and keen sense of style. She applies a hands-on approach, preferring to be in the thick of things rather than on the sidelines. One of the things she loves about working at Creative Spot is working and cracking jokes with the team. When she’s not in the office, you can find her taking videos of her dog or hanging out with friends.

Quick Facts:

Favorite Food: Italian and eggrolls

You Can Find Her: Snowboarding in the winter, playing sand volleyball in the summer, planning the next big trip, and watching animal videos

Tagline: Sprinkle of spunk

If She Wasn’t In Advertising: She’d be learning how to surf in Australia

Little Known Fact: She’s named after Janis Joplin (her middle name is Joplin)

Favorite Friends Quote: Unagi