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Account Executive

Rachel may be modest, but don’t let that fool you—she’s brimming with thoughtfulness and creativity.

After graduating with a degree in marketing, Rachel worked in the HR sector for six years. Fortunately for us, her desire to return to the world of marketing and advertising brought her to Creative Spot. She loves the sense of community that comes with working in a smaller company as well as the exciting variety of work that each day brings.

Want an excuse to strike up a conversation with Rachel? Ask about her dog, Tanner! Even though he drives her nuts, she loves him to death and is always happy to chat about whatever kind of mischief he’s been up to lately.

Quick Facts

Her Creative Spot: Walking in the woods while listening to some good music.

Loves: Books, cups of tea, and cuddling with her dog.

Little Known Fact: She once won a “Miss Biceps” contest while on a cruise!