If you’re launching a new product, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money perfecting it for your audience. Now, you need to deliver it to them. Here are four ways to generate buzz so you can have a successful launch.

1. Teaser

There are many ways to tease your product launch. Although this may take some time and money, a teaser video is like a movie trailer for your product and is perfect for generating buzz. Show your audience what’s unique about your product while evoking some emotion. Check out these examples of great promotional product videos to learn more.

There are other ways to tease a new product besides making a video. Hint at the new product by getting creative on social media or having a countdown to the release day on your website. A recent example of a company teasing a new product is Samsung changing their logo on Twitter to look like it’s folded in half. People speculate this is to generate buzz about a foldable phone.

2. Waitlist

People love feeling like they’re part of something special and exclusive. If it makes sense for your business, generate buzz by having a waitlist on your website for customers to sign up for your new product.

You might consider limiting the number of people who can sign up for your waitlist to make it even more exclusive. Have a countdown on your website showing how many more people can sign up until the list is full.

When customers are joining the waitlist, provide a way to opt-in to your mailing list so they can receive updates on the product launch.

3. Contest

Another way to generate buzz is by hosting a contest on social media or through your email list. You can encourage people to share a video about the new product, follow your social media channels, or sign up for your mailing list.

Come up with a creative hashtag and have people enter the contest on social media. You can randomly select one participant to win a free product or you can give every participant a discount.

4. Testimonials

Before you launch your product, promote customer testimonials and reviews. Let a handful of loyal customers try out the product beforehand and ask for a review. Alternatively, you can send the product to bloggers or social media influencers and get their feedback. Once you receive a testimonial or two, advertise them on social media or in your next email newsletter so customers can see what other people are saying about the product.

These are just a few ways you can generate buzz. Try one of these ideas the next time you release a new product so you can have a successful launch.

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