Reach a wide, diverse audience

When most people think about TikTok, they imagine a bunch of young, GenZers dancing around and making cringe-y content. The truth is, however, TikTok users expand far beyond this demographic. Only 41% of TikTok users fall between the ages of 16-24; this means that 59% of the apps users are Millennial, GenX, and yes, even Baby Boomer. No matter who your brand is trying to reach, there is likely a large audience of them making and watching TikToks.


Endless influencers

One of the most appealing traits of TikTok is that LITERALLY ANYONE can go viral. It is not totally unlikely that a person with 0 followers and 0 views posts a TikTok one night that has 2 million views the next morning. This ability to provide anyone with a large following makes TikTok an endless pool of influencers to select from. If your brand wants to target a certain group of people in a specific location, there is likely a perfectly suited individual who already has a large following.


It does the work FOR YOU

The For You page on TikTok is supported by one of the most powerful algorithms of modern social media. It pays close attention to what TikToks the viewer is consuming and interacting with, and it tailors their For You page specifically according to those interests. This means that people who LOVE farm animals will end up on “FarmTok” and be handfed Farm animal content by the algorithm. Essentially, you don’t have to search for members of your audience and manually place your brand in front of them- the algorithm does it all for you.


Cheap, easy, authentic

As mentioned before, anyone can go viral and gain a following on TikTok. You do not have to look a certain way, have a fancy camera setup, or possess any editing skills. In fact, some might say that the content is better when you don’t. Authenticity is clearly valued on TikTok- people want to see individuals who look like them, act like them and have the same interests as them. There is no need for models who charge high rates or a costly camera and videographer.


Creative and ever-changing

TikTok allows anyone from anywhere to express themselves in any way possible. This means there are endless possibilities for types of content you can make; you have immense creative freedom on this platform. Every day there is a new trend going around on TikTok. If your brand can keep up with the trends and keep creating content, you will have no trouble gaining an audience on TikTok.


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