You may be on every social media website known to man, but are you being effective in how you use those social media outlets? Here’s how.

1. Provide interesting content.
Your fans and followers don’t read your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter if you’re not providing interesting or relevant content. The “Unlike” and “Unfollow” buttons are easy to click and no one is afraid to do it. Post about what you know and keep your followers wanting to learn more.

Social Media2. Encourage discussion.
This is how the word gets spread about your company and its offerings. Get people to talk about them and share with friends. Ask them questions. Find out what they like about your offerings.

3. Respond to your fans and followers.
Respond to everything! If a current or potential customer asks a question on your Facebook page, answer it. It’s not only frustrating to the customer who posted the question to not get an answer, but every person who visits that page will see that an answer wasn’t provided. Keep your good reputation and meet—or even exceed—expectations by giving great answers to customers’ questions.

4. Make them feel special.
We have all heard that customers have become less loyal to brands. Ensure continued loyalty simply by retweeting them, following them in return, or offering special promotions for their loyalty.

5. Reward them.
Create online contests for your followers. They will participate if there is a chance to win a prize and more importantly, they will retweet and share your posts, therefore spreading the word about your company—always a plus!

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