We all know by now that social media sites are here to stay. It’s where our customers are and it’s where we need to be. As trends continue to change, it’s important to stay up to date on the social scene.

There’s no better time to revisit your company’s social media strategies than the New Year. Start 2015 out right with these five social media resolutions for your business. But don’t stop there. Do some research and find out what works best for your company.

Get LinkedIn. Unlike most social media sites, LinkedIn is for professional use. Use it to your advantage. Connect with potential business partners, search for employers who would fit your company, or use it to stay connected with your clients.

Prioritize Pinterest and Instagram. Visual marketing is on the rise.Marketers understand that visual sites like Instagram and Pinterest are quickly catching up to Facebook and Twitter.

Start a Blog. Blogging adds content and credibility to your businesses website. It also boosts your search engine results. But before you snag just anyone to start blogging, you might want to consider investing in a good copywriter. Search engines rank sites with quality content that’s well written at the top of search engine results.

Get Interactive. People post on social media to get a response. If your customers are talking, be sure you’re listening—and responding. Whether it’s a question, complaint, or praise, commit to taking the time to respond to everyone.

Share More Photos. We’ve already pointed out that visual sites are on the rise, but be sure your sharing photos across all social platforms. You can easily post pictures and infographics to Facebook and Twitter as well. Visual content has a much higher engagement and share rate than plain text.