For startup companies and small businesses, it can be difficult to grow with a small team and a low strategic marketing budget. But don’t think that paid advertising is the only way to grow your business. Here are five easy things you can do each week to grow your small business, expand your network, and increase sales.

1. Read up on the latest industry news.

Even if you’re an expert in your field, there are always new things to learn. Keep up to date on your industry by subscribing to relevant magazines and newspapers, or searching keywords on social media to see what other people in your industry are talking about.

2. Post about your products or company on social media.

Being active on social media is an easy and free way to advertise your company or product. If you have a social media advertising budget, you can also easily target your audience and find loyal customers by paying for ads. If you need help developing and implementing a social media strategy, check out this blog series we did last month!

3. Expand your network on LinkedIn.

Every professional should be actively networking and increasing their connections. If you don’t have a personal profile on LinkedIn yet, you should. It’s not just for finding a new job. LinkedIn is a great tool for building a network and finding people with similar interests. Down the road, these connections can become employees, customers, or even mentors.

When you ask someone to connect, make sure to introduce yourself and mention why you would like to connect with them. Don’t say only what they can offer you, but what benefits you can offer them as well.

Need help making your LinkedIn profile? Check out this article for help! You can also make a LinkedIn page for your company, so people can follow your company’s updates like they would on other social networks. Read this helpful article to learn how to make a company page.

4. Bring people to you.

Whether that’s by starting a helpful blog on your website or sending out a monthly newsletter to your email list, your customers need an occasional reminder about your company. This is a great way to provide your customers with updates about your company and products while also increasing traffic to your website.

5. Strike up a conversation with someone new.

You never know the connections a person has. Even if that person doesn’t become a customer, they could pass on your information to someone who would love your organization. Keep business cards handy so you can give them your contact information if the moment arises.

These ideas are simple, free, and don’t take a lot of valuable time out of your week. However, these tips can help you grow your small business over time if you stay consistent.

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