In a time when social media moguls reign and traditional marketing methods seem to have taken a back seat, it would be remiss to not recognize some of the most engaging business accounts Instagram has to offer. The social media app, which has turned into a strategic marketing playground, hosts a community of over one billion active monthly users. Of those billion users, around 80% of them follow the accounts of businesses they are interested in. Catering to this large audience can greatly alter your brand as it allows you to visually market your message with ease by putting the content right into consumer’s hands.

The question we aim to answer is this: how do we tap into this market and efficiently engage users in the long term? Some businesses have found the answer and are seeing great Instagram success. Check out these seven business accounts, both large and small, that are sure to provide inspiration for your own business’s account!

1. Lego

This iconic toy manufacturer uses its reputation as a classic company to skillfully entice and secure their 3.5 million followers. Their feed features a wide array of product announcements, pop culture references, appealing product visuals, and fun seasonal campaigns that go beyond simple children’s product plugs. This wholesome account is sure to provide you with daily entertainment as they continually push out content that even the most Lego-inclined followers can appreciate.

2. Letterfolk

This small business’s strategic marketing strategy aims to showcase their beautiful products by including them in aesthetically pleasing photos; their handmade felt letter boards are front and center in every shot, displaying quirky sayings that are perfect for social media sharing. Letterfolk takes advantage of their consistent theme and their fun, product-focused style has garnered over 280k followers. Their feed features both user- and owner-generated content that perfectly illustrates how the consumer can use their product in creative ways, showing that you don’t have to have a million followers to build an engaged audience.

3. Staples

Who knew office supplies could be so visually appealing? Staple’s commitment to follower engagement and calls to action are great tactics that ensure audience engagement through clever captions. Their favorite way to interact with customers is to ask them questions along with their posts; their 62k followers are happy to oblige, providing fun comments back to the company that are aligned with a respective photo’s caption. The company maintains its playful personality while also showing the practical uses of their products in a variety of cute videos and gifs of their items in action.

4. Adobe

In terms of brands that know how to market to their target audience, Adobe takes the cake by leveraging their highly regarded position in the art world. Their Instagram account, which boasts over 800k followers, exclusively posts user- generated content that highlights the software’s mind-blowing capabilities. Their feed efficiently showcases the features of their product while inspiring their audience’s creative output, which eventually creates content for the account. Who doesn’t want to see a beautifully curated account that can put your personal work on display for thousands?

5. Vodka for Dog People

One business that does a great job of using multiple accounts to prompt engagement is Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Playing on the public’s profound love for animals, Titos created @vodkafordogpeople to highlight the benefits of pet adoption. In their quest to end homelessness for pets, they also seamlessly illustrate the fact that they are supporters of charitable causes. Their posts feature user-submitted photos of their adopted pets with Tito’s merchandise, showcasing cute dogs and the company’s great product!

6. AirBnb

As a business that is rapidly growing in popularity and prevalence, AirBnb does a great job of catering to their growing consumer base by highlighting some of the most interesting lodging options the site has to offer. They feature a variety of aesthetically pleasing, user-generated content that shows their 2 million followers they can have an elevated travelling experience. They commonly feature travel tips in their stories and they take a humanistic approach to travel planning. As an added bonus, they typically pair their posts with links that direct you to lodging location so you can experience its greatness for yourself!

7. Flowers for Dreams

This locally-owned floral company based in Chicago knows how to reach its target audience using more than their beautiful arrangements; as every bouquet sold benefits a neighboring charity, each post allows the owner to engage with their 52k followers to promote their charities and product. Their feed illustrates how the brand is dedicated to their mission and their curated branding strategy is consistent and simple, showing that you don’t need shocking content for your account to be successful.

Whether your business is already on Instagram or you’re just beginning your brand’s social media journey, it is undeniable that these businesses know what they’re doing when it comes to social media success. If you have followed all of these accounts and want more great feeds on your timeline, check out this article for more great suggestions!

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