Maybe you’ve never experienced writer’s block. Perhaps you have a surplus crop of ideas in the field that is your brain. Perchance you create content like nobody’s business and you never stop.

If that isn’t you, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what to do when you run out of ideas and the words stop flowing.

  1. Create an editorial calendar where you keep a list of ideas and topics to write about. Write them down as soon as they come to you and you’ll have a fallback for when your brain goes stale.
  2. Compete with technology. One clever game pits you against your laptop battery; unplug it, go somewhere quiet, and finish your blog post (or whatever) before it dies.
  3. Do some laps. Exercising your body exercises your brain (and exorcises writer’s block). Get those juices flowing!
  4. Write, dang it. Just do it! Write like you speak. It’s easier to understand that way. Just put it down on paper, even if it’s awful. You can refine it later.
  5. Do intros last. Introductions are often fluffy, so don’t waste your time on it until you know what you’re really going to talk about.
  6. Sign off of social media. Unless you’re using it in your content (don’t lie, you probably aren’t), get those distractions out of here. You can see what Aunt Maude is saying about her Florida vacation later.
  7. Split it up. Break big projects into chunks so it’s easier to manage. Focus on one chunk at a time.
  8. Use a different writing tool. Switch from Word to PowerPoint to WordPress to Google Docs to (gasp!) pen and paper. Change fonts, colors, size—whatever will douse your brain with cold water and wake it up.
  9. Write for you. What are you interested in? What’s been on your mind? What do you have questions about? Research it, and then write about that.

I would’ve written ten tips, but I got writer’s block. Just kidding. If you want some more Zen ideas about overcoming creative block, check out this blog from 2013. Now go get ‘em!