This past Tuesday while scanning through the Twitterverse, I noticed a promoted trending topic called “#QuittingSucks.”  Agreeing with the sentiment, and being the curious person that I am, I decided to take a look, and much to my surprise it was Nicorette who had purchased the topic.  Nicorette, a company dedicated to helping people quit smoking, was straight out saying “Quitting Sucks.”

At first I was a little confused, but quickly “ohhhed” when I saw Nicorette’s game plan.  Yes quitting sucks, but Nicorette will help you make it “suck less.”  The actual promoted tweet that was purchased read, and I quote,

“If you’re on Facebook, head over to the Nicorette page to get support from our support community. #QuittingSucks!”

Basic social media strategy 101 says link your social media pages together, and this is a fantastic example.  Nicorette used a trending topic on Twitter to drive people to its Facebook page.

At this point I’m starting to get impressed, then I actually followed the link to Nicorette’s Facebook page and find myself at a fairly interactive page.  It has a tips and tools tab with information on quitting (and even a version of ball breakers where you use a Nicorette lozenge to destroy cigarettes), and also links to Nicorette’s other social media pages (YouTube and Twitter).


Now thoroughly impressed, I went back to check out Nicorette’s Twitter page, and find it filled with Nicorette tweeting at people.Congratulating some on quitting smoking, giving advice on quitting to others, and still cheering on more people attempting to quit.

All in all, I was pretty impressed with Nicorette’s social media campaign.  They have a clever message for the social media audience, their pages are interactive, they interact with those who reach out to them, and keep their social media pages linked together.

This is just yet another good example of a company doing an excellent job with its social media campaign.  My hat is off to you Nicorette.

Let me know your thoughts on the matter via comments!