Our sweet spot is partnering with companies who—for a variety of reasons—have limited in-house marketing personnel. It may be an emerging business with a smaller team, or it may a larger organization that has decided not to develop an internal marketing department. That’s where we come in. Creative Spot offers full-service marketing, advertising, and digital support services to ensure your marketing efforts stay on track and produce results.

Sure, you can work with a revolving door of freelancers to get things done. But that revolving door can also let in inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and ineffective outcomes. You end up being tasked with keeping track of what each freelancer is working on, the status of each project, and the consistency of each message and design.

We do all of that for you. We’re your partner to develop and implement marketing strategies that produce results and ensure your messaging and branding is consistent and effective. From marketing strategy and communications planning to social and digital media to traditional advertising campaigns, graphic design, media buying—you name it. We bring all of those pieces together in one spot.


In 1994, three creative thinkers set up shop in downtown Columbus with a couple of Apple Quadras and some handbuilt desks that were, well, they’d fit right in with today’s “rustic” decor style. And just like that Creative Spot was born.

Creative Spot transcends the traditional role of an advertising agency. Sure, you’ll find valuable strategic marketing and branding plus award-winning creative and design. But you’ll also find a partner that you can lean on and trust to complete your vision like no other spot around.

There’s a lot of experience at the Spot. From the first hello to the final delivery, our entire team is involved. It’s an environment that breeds great creative and even better results.


Our team comes from all over the state of Ohio, but we all call Columbus home. Whether you’re from Columbus or the other side of the globe, as your outsourced marketing team, we put a strong emphasis on getting to know you and your business. And here’s your chance to get to know us.


Columbus is our Spot, and we wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home. (We would, however, be open to a seasonal office in Florida during the six-month Ohio winters.) This city has given us so much, which is why a commitment to give back is at the heart of our culture. We’ve had the privilege of partnering with nonprofits throughout our community and beyond.