Direct Mail – Directing Your Consumer’s Attention

As Companies move to more and more electronic marketing methods some of the “old-school” tactics such as direct mail marketing give customers a breath of fresh air. Since many companies have moved away from using direct mail you may need a refresher in how to make your next campaign successful.

You have heard it before – the key to any great campaign is your BIG idea, and when it comes to direct mail a simple, central concept is necessary to grab the recipients attention. To portray your BIG idea in an enticing manner you can follow these 15 copywriting suggestions, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Play Off of the News: Current events are most likely on your customer’s mind. Incorporating these events can pull them into reading your entire mailer. Be cautious of the news you choose and always steer clear of any political stances.
  • Admit Minor Flaws: Credibility can be a deciding factor in brand loyalty, so if your company made a small error point it right out to the customer. Taking responsibility for your actions will develop a strong relationship of trust between you and your customers.
  • Tell a Story: Stories are universal and can pull in an array of customers, even those outside of your target market. Since direct mail is likely to come in contact with both individuals you do and don’t intend to share your message with, a story can easily relate to a broader audience.
  • Use a Value Adding Mailer: If customers gain from simply reading your mailer they are more likely to hold on to the mailer, share it with others and follow through on your call to action. For example, a direct mail piece for a cooking magazine may include a recipe or a coupon for the ingredients to a featured dish.

While direct mail campaigns have many benefits in our digital society, don’t forget the importance of carefully planning a campaign. 62% of consumers feel they receive too much direct mail and only 10% of consumers feel the direct mail in their mailbox is relevant. Carefully select your mailing lists and stay within your target market to avoid antagonizing your recipient and excess spending. Plus, sending relevant communications to the right customers can result in “10 times the response rate and a 20-30% increases in sales.”

Keep an eye out for Address for Success: Part Two, as we discuss how to get your customer’s attention through their email inboxes.