Different conditions call for different treatments. You wouldn’t put a Band-Aid on a bruise or ice a paper cut, so why would you market to every generation in the same way? Each generation has a specific set of needs, and the solution isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Entirely different strategic marketing tactics should come into play for each generation you’re marketing to. The “Forgotten Generation,” or Generation X, is an age group that should especially be remembered.

Why To Market To Them

While Generation X can be overlooked when it comes to marketing, they shouldn’t be. According to AdAge, Gen X is the generation that holds the spending power, making up 31% of the country’s income, which is more than any other generation. While there are endless reasons someone would buy a product, it can’t be ignored that money makes purchases happen. This generation is comprised of 35-50 year-olds, so a lot of them are reaching the pinnacle of their careers and raising families. In other words, this generation is basically running the world. If you appeal to them in your marketing, your brand could be running the world, too.

How To Market To Them

  1. Cut To The Chase.

This generation is endlessly busy; they are juggling the responsibilities of their jobs with the responsibilities of raising a family and everything else that falls in between. With these tasks on their plate, they don’t have time for the “song and dance” advertising sometimes offers. They want a brand that will be direct and honest in their marketing. If a brand’s message is concise and reflects its honest values, this generation will be more receptive to the message.

  1. Be Their Friend.

Author of “A Guide To Understanding Generation X Subcultures,” Kenneth Baugh, detailed the five core values of Generation X. Baugh states that “Relationships are the greatest fear of the Xers as well as the greatest need.” In order to connect with this generation, a brand should spend time investing in them. Through the time spent establishing a relationship, these consumers will see the reliability the brand embodies and hand over their loyalty to them.

  1. Technology is OK.

Often times, millennials get the brunt of the jokes when it comes to social media and technology usage, but a study conducted by Nielsen suggests otherwise. Research showed that adults ages 35 to 49 spend an average of 6 hours and 58 minutes a week on social media platforms whereas adults ages 18 to 34 spend 6 hours and 19 minutes weekly on social media. Gen Xers are adaptable and not afraid of social media; in fact, they’re its biggest fans. If you reach out to your customer base through social media, you are going to reach Generation X.

Don’t let the Forgotten Generation continue to be forgotten. Be concise and build relationships over social media, and you could win over an influential generation.

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