Account Coordinator

Alyssa is, among many other things, our resident pop culture expert. And we don’t take the word expert lightly. Alyssa studied pop culture at Bowling Green, where she graduated with a degree in communication with a focus on pop culture and a minor in the music industry.

Now, she brings her expertise in communication and pop culture to Creative Spot, where she works with clients to develop strategic marketing that’s resonant with today’s target audiences.

Quick Facts

Fun Fact: Alyssa worked at The Today Show (ok, so it was for exactly one day, but it still counts!) She found herself working for The Today Show via an Andy Grammar performance, working with audience and social media engagement.

Tear Jerker: When Aretha Franklin passed away in 2018, she drove to Detroit, wrote a letter, put it in a bottle and threw it into lake Erie. Two weeks later, she got a Facebook message from an elderly woman in Canada, explaining how her granddaughter found it at their family cottage. They read it around the campfire and listened to her music as the 3rd generation of the family told the great grandkids how much important Aretha’s music was in the lives of many.

If She Wasn’t In Advertising: She’d be a tour manager for a band that she loves (have you noticed that she really likes music?)