We are so proud and grateful that we had the opportunity to work on The Harmony Project’s new get-out-the-vote campaign, “#BeHeard.” The campaign is urging the community to add their voices to “the chorus of history” by highlighting the diversity of the Columbus community through documentary-style videos and black-and-white photography.

The campaign will be featured on a downtown high-rise and electronic kiosks throughout the downtown corridor and Short North. The goal of the campaign is to increase voter turnout and empower the voices of people in Columbus.

Barbara Fant, the director of The Harmony Project, put it best: “This year marks 100 years since women have been granted the right to vote and 55 years since African Americans have been given the right to vote. During this time, it is such an honor and a privilege to shed light on the importance, privilege, and duty that we have in exercising our rights to vote. This campaign displays the diversity in our stories, showcases the uniqueness in our identities, and amplifies the power we have in using our voices.”

People may not be able to gather together right now, but we can still bring our voices together on November 3.