While observing how successful brands use social media, you may begin to wonder, what is the method behind their madness? How did they get so many followers?

Be careful – you can develop a false impression by simply making observations. You must know the fundamental principles of social media in order to create a successful marketing strategy.

Be aware of the following three social media misconceptions, and you can save precious energy and money – things that nobody can afford to waste.

Misconception #1: The More You Tweet, The More Successful You’ll Be

Don’t waste your time filling up your followers’ home pages with countless numbers of tweets or posts.

It is not about how many hours you spend on social media or the number of tweets you send. Each tweet or post has to be carefully crafted and have a purpose.

Choose one of these main social media goals: 1. awareness, 2. customer loyalty or 3. sales. Strategically plan steps to move towards that goal and stick to it!

Misconception #2: Retweets are the Key To Success

Followers can retweet or share your message with a click of a button.  Your message can spread faster than ever before.

This is a benefit of social media marketing, but viral marketing won’t happen on its own.

In order for this to be a successful strategy, you must build your follower base first.

– Ask journalists or bloggers to mention you.

– Reach out to partners with a high numbers of Twitter followers to distribute your message.

– Use your ads and promotional materials to encourage your target audience to follow you.

– Be a resource: share tips, advice or answer questions.

– Engage with your followers and be social.

Sitting around and waiting for follower requests will get you nowhere. You must take the first steps!

Misconception #3: Social Media is the New Advertising

Although social media is becoming a crucial marketing tool, it does not function on its own to sell a product. Fundamental marketing strategies are still necessary.

Social media should be used to increase customer loyalty, build relationships and put a face on a brand. You can’t use social media to simply request consumers to purchase a product.

Social media is free, but it costs you time and energy. The bottom line: you need to have a strategy to succeed.


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