Bigger servings mean more calories; a bigger yard means more to mow; bigger cars mean fewer miles per gallon. You get the idea – bigger isn’t always better. And for your company, this means agencies. While you’ve been looking around for a hot new agency, you looked at the big guys, didn’t you? Don’t worry; we’re not mad. We know big agencies conjure imagery of power, influence, and superior capabilities. But before you jump over the smaller agencies chasing after the big boys, there are a few things you should know.


First off, you’re little too. Don’t get offended – to us you’re great. But the bigger agencies have a much larger client base. It is hard to be apriority when you’re not the client bringing in the highest profit. Also, if you’re going for the-bigger-the-better route, I hope you have the budget to match – big agencies have higher rates to cover their higher costs.

The second problem with big agencies is how clients are treated after they sign. Sure, when they bring you in for a signing they have flashy presentation, bring in their top talent, and address all of your concerns with confidence. But, if you find yourself in one of these meetings, be sure to ask about how long they generally retain clients. Usually, the top talent is focused on prospective clients and someone else runs the day-to-day work. Too much time is spent on new business, which can push existing clients to the back of the line and out the door. At a smaller agency, the person you signed with will typically be the person who works on your campaigns. The priority lies more in retaining current customers and getting word-of-mouth recommendations. When you hire a small agency you get what you see. And you can take that to the bank – along with all the money you will save.

Finally, and most importantly, anything they can do, we can do better. Technology has removed the competitive advantage big agencies had in research. Whether an agency is big or small, it can just as easily use online research tools. The real difference is that smaller agencies can do this more efficiently. Fewer people means less bureaucracy and more flexibility. Instead of having an ‘assembly line’ approach to your marketing plan, the talent at a small agency often multitasks and works together. This results in a strategy that is personalized to a business’s needs instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy you might get somewhere else.

At a small agency like Creative Spot, clients know that they are valued, they can easily evaluate their investment, and they get the same advantages that the big agencies offer. Don’t be swayed by the quantity of clients an agency has; instead, focus on the quality and longevity of their client relationships.

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