Blogs are no longer the niche internet journals they used to be. They haven’t been for years. Now, everyone from Time Magazine to Marriott blogs. And why? It’s good business. 60% of businesses that blog acquire more customers. Oh, and they’re essentially free. If your business doesn’t already blog, it needs to start.

The fact that I’m writing a blog post citing two blogs about blogging should say a lot. But if you need more convincing, here’s a nice list of what businesses’ blogs do for your reading pleasure:

Humanize the company. It gets your personality out there and allows customers to interact with the brand in the same way as Twitter and Facebook.

Search engine optimization. Blogs are great at driving SEO, especially if you have a good blog that offers sound advice or thoughtful content.

Branding. Share your company’s philosophy and let customers meet your employees. Brands are all about relationships, and the more bonds you make the better.

Build credibility and trust. If you can write knowledgably about something, common sense dictates that you can deliver the goods too. It’s a way of earning your bona fides.

Promotions. Have a new product? Write a blog post or two about it and what it can do for your customer.

Go viral. You and your customers can share your blog posts on social media, expanding your brand’s influence.

So if you’re not blogging, start. If you are, keep up the good work! Make sure you post frequently enough to keep customers coming back.