Print Flashlight

Between pop ups, sidebars, and scrolling ads, visiting a website can be like walking into your grandma’s basement. In this age of speed, efficiency, and “I want it now,” there isn’t time to sift through the old newspapers, stacked furniture, and knickknacks. People don’t like to search for what they want.

The funny thing is, that’s why websites look the way they do.  Companies are vying for the attention of consumers by pushing their content together. There are buttons to click for sharing with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and more links than you’d ever need, but is the core content of the website interesting or presented in an appealing manner?

The overstimulation of readers reduces the effectiveness of both the content and the ads. A magazine would never think of publishing an issue as muddled as most websites. Print publications use design and layout to make their pieces appealing and incorporate advertising in a digestible way.

Combining print media style with the capabilities that the internet provides would drastically improve the value of cluttered websites. Varying styles of typography and multimedia have been made possible by HTML5 and the quickness of today’s browsers makes the presentation possible.  So why not make websites visually appealing?

Here at Creative Spot, we recently re-designed the Delaware County District Library website by keeping it simple. Only the most important information is displayed on the homepage. The large amount of content is well organized in combination with links and interactive sections leading to other portions of the site – all to avoid overwhelming visitors.

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