No matter how hard one might try, it’s nearly impossible to escape the never-ending, in-your-face, consumer marketing that today’s technology has made possible. From Facebook and Twitter to billboards, print ads, and radio spots, the amount of noise our consumers hear on a daily basis can be overwhelming and exhausting.

It’s hard to do anything without being sold something.

Right now might be a good time for marketers to turn down the volume of their marketing strategies and revisit the simple comforts in life that consumers long to reconnect with. Sometimes simple is better.

Adweek recently featured an article about the staying power of Tide laundry detergent, stating that they’ve become a household “comfort brand” that has transcended generations.

Tide’s done this by marketing the comfort, simplicity, and familiarity of home. They remind us that there’s a place we can go to escape the world and shut out the noise of our busy lives. A place where we can embrace the warmth and comfort of family.

And they’ve done a great job reminding us that they’ve been a part of the family for a very, very long time.

As one marketing exec put it, “It’s been passed from mother to daughter—and to sons. The smell of fresh laundry is an immensely comforting thing. Tide is like coffee. It’s the smell of home. And that’s quite valuable.”

And speaking of coffee, another brand that’s done an exceptional job of marketing the comforts of home is Folgers. For decades the coffee giant has tugged on consumer heartstrings with commercials that celebrate Christmas mornings, the first day of school, and soldier homecomings. Folgers elicits warmth and comfort from a great cup of coffee.

So if you’re thinking about your next great marketing move, consider going back to basics and turning down the volume of your ads. It’s not always about the next big thing; it’s about the thing that will last. What do people love? What brings them peace and comfort? What’s “the best part of waking up?”

Answering those simple questions made Tide and Folgers a household name. Perhaps it could work for your business too.