Ask yourself these important questions as you take steps toward making a name for your business.

Define your business. What is the purpose of your business, and what do you hope to accomplish?

Define your audience. Who is your target demographic and what do they do? Why are they important to your business?

Create a brand name. Don’t rush this step. Be creative and come up with a lot of options. Is your name unique or does it have meaning? Is it easy for your customers to understand and remember?

Create a logo. Again, consider many options. Do you love your logo? Is it simple yet memorable? Try to choose something you love that reflects some aspect of your company.

Produce. Are you offering a product or service? Consider how you can show your key audience why your products or services are the correct solution for them.

Online Presence. Do you have a secure domain name? Is it easy to remember? How is your social media presence? Get on every free social media platform available to you, and use these to get traffic to your site.

Maintaining Your Brand

Don’t forget these key factors in remaining relevant in your line of work.

Utilize new media. Break the mold for how you’re reaching your audience. This may mean taking advantage of newer or different social media or using email or video ad campaigns.

Be consistent. Keep a uniform look and feel to your overall presence. Use the same logo and color scheme for your print and social media campaigns. Take this a step further and post, email or send out fliers on a consistent basis. Make a schedule for each, and never miss an opportunity.

High profile. Make positive network connections. Connect with the Chambers of Commerce to establish your business in your community. Generate exposure with other businesses and offer cross-promotions. Have your employees branch out and extend your network through all possible sources.

Keep it coming. Produce to the best of your ability. Make your customers happy with your product or service. You can generate a hefty amount of revenue by word-of-mouth.