How often do you hear creative and strategic paired together? Usually, these two adjectives are used to describe two different people, two different companies, or two different brain functions. Either you are creative, or you are strategic. People often perceive these as opposites.

Some of the best marketers, managers and leaders utilize creativity to become strategic. The combination of creativity and strategy can produce a successful business, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising products.


The beginning and end to creativity in marketing.

According to Forbes, J. Walter Thompson founded the first “marketing agency” in 1868, because he wanted to offer more creative services to his clients. This idea set him apart from most of his competitors and soon they began to follow in his footsteps.

As time went on, financial executives began to monitor and control marketing departments. Forbes mentions that financial executives wanted, “to mitigate what they perceived as a problem [so] they brought in hordes of pencil-pushing MBAs to the business.” Creativity slowly eased out of the marketing process, meanwhile, a more strategic marketing approach became common practice.


A new perspective on creativity in marketing.

Forbes reminds us that, “’creativity’ is not a department… [but] it needs to be the forefront of everything an agency does.”  Creativity should once again be accepted as a strategic form of marketing. A company that utilizes creativity can change the industry for the better.


How to become a creative, yet strategic marketer:

According to the Harvard Business Review, you can:

  • Create products and marketing materials with your customers, as opposed to for your customers.
  • Pay attention to the consumer’s entire experience, meaning the purchase, usage and evaluation of your products.
  • Be sure to measure your engagement with consumers and use that data to improve your marketing techniques.
  • Think as though you’re starting a brand-new business and begin marketing with that mindset.

Understanding and utilizing creativity will make your company strategic. There is no longer a separation between these two adjectives. Look at them as a combination for success.

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