Every business relies on its customers. It is important to treat them like royalty to maintain a good image and keep them coming back. Here is a quick list of do’s and don’ts for dealing with your customers.


Common ground. Build a relationship with your customers. Get to know them so that you can easily communicate on a personal customer-client level. If you pamper them, they will return.

Care. Customers like to be appreciated, so appreciate them. Show them that you care. Offer loyalty incentives, services or special promotions to the people who keep you in business.

Skip the formalities. Learn customer names and use them. It might feel awkward at first, but it builds your relationship and makes the customer feel special. If you can remember something about them, you can breech new ground with casual relationships.

Follow up. Send a thank you note or give them a call. See to it that your customers’ needs were met with your product or service and do everything in your power to make it so.


Get unprofessional. Avoid foul language or jokes that might be considered offensive. Despite the rapport you’ve established, you can easily offend someone and lose customers this way.

Break promises. If you promise to deliver something, do it. If you give a quote at a certain price, honor it. Be consistent in following through with what you say and do and your customers will be consistent in returning.

Forget your manners. Say “thank you.” It’s easy and goes a long way. You should truly be thankful to the customer for their business, so show them with a letter, card, deal, etc. Be kind and generate business.