Yes, as the title suggests, there is a right way to use Facebook for your business. Of course, that also means there is a wrong way. Here are a few dos and don’ts. Some seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how effective they can be.

  1. Don’t be narcissistic. No one likes it when people on Facebook go on and on (and on) about themselves – the stuffed omelet they just mastered (complete with an Instagram picture) or their feelings about the rude guy who didn’t hold the door last night. We skip over it and forget it in seconds. The whole point of putting your brand on Facebook is to interact with customers. Get a conversation going. Don’t just ask the question and leave. Respond.
  2. Use admin tags. This is when you put your mark on a post. It’s the same as tagging a friend in a status, but instead you’re tagging your business’ page. Basically, it gives people more places to click on your post, leading to more clicks and a higher ranking on the Newsfeed.
  3. Network. Networking is as important online as it is in the real world. Find other pages in your niche and offer to share their page if they share yours. It’s free growth.
  4. Post often (but not too often). Make sure your online presence is consistent. Having a page isn’t enough. Activity eventually generates likes, and it’s a good idea to post every few hours. You can use sites like to schedule posts. And, again, make sure it’s good content.