Strong leadership can make or break your business. As specialists in the marketing and communication industry, we have to lead by example. In order to help clients successfully communicate with their consumers, we must first effectively communicate with our employees.

Effective communication begins with effective leadership. There’s a significant difference between being a boss and being a leader. And yes, one is better than the other. Anyone can be a boss. Being a leader requires the intentional effort to put aside selfish ambition and work toward building a solid team.

An effective leader works to bring out the leader in those around them. They encourage confidence and enthusiasm. They work to inspire others. They are willing and able to delegate and trust the work that their team produces. Effective leaders foster open lines of communication in which their team members feel comfortable approaching them.

You might have the best customer service and the best product, but taking care of your employees must come first. Creating a work environment where people feel included as a part of something special will produce employees that are passionate about what they do.

Take a few moments to self-inventory your leadership skills. Are you making a difference in the lives of your employees? Or are you in it for you? If you aren’t training your employees to be leaders themselves, you may be setting yourself up for personal and professional burnout.