Email marketing is a relatively easy task that reaches a broad audience. Here are some quick tips to consider for your email marketing campaign.

Subscribe. It needs to be easy for people to subscribe. Include places to sign up on your website, social media and even within other emails, and make it easy to unsubscribe from. Build your audience and keep them.

Greet them. When someone signs up for your email blasts, thank and greet them. Show your customers you care about them so that they open up your future emails.

Easy reading. You know you don’t like to waste time reading emails, so make yours easily scannable. Highlight important keywords, bold sales or savings and chunk text appropriately.

Calendar. Keep a schedule of when you send out an email. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly all work, but stay consistent. Don’t send out emails too often and flood customer inboxes.

Of course, edit. Make sure your content is clean and free of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. It’s important that you put your best effort into the communication between you and your customers.