Road of EngagementWhat’s the goal of your social media presence? Ultimately, you want your audience to purchase your product or service, but how do you make that happen?

The current “Relationship Era” of marketing places emphasis on client engagement and connection. It’s important to use social media to cultivate, not manipulate, your audience.

Share the Right Content – Interesting and useful subject matter is a great way to start building a bond with your audience. A combination of created, contributed, and collected content incorporates your ideas, input from your audience, and relevant links to other resources.  This will engage your visitors and make it easy for them to find related content.

Interact with your Audience – Keep in mind that when you try to engage your audience, you should be giving feedback. This can be as simple as re-tweeting, but it helps to build key relationships.  Similarly, when you share content from another site, make sure to link back and give credit to maintain reputability and good standing with your audience.

Be Consistent – When adding content it’s also best to stick to a schedule, so readers will know when to expect something new.  This creates stability and can lead to a habit with your audience.

The right content balance for your website and social media profiles can help you reach your goals, but getting there can be difficult.  The internet provides endless options and it can be challenging to navigate these choices.

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