If you’re trying to grow your business and don’t have a Facebook account, get one. It’s a great way to expand your reach. Here are some quick Facebook marketing tips.

Ads. Buy ad space. You can modify the age, gender and geographic location of who will see your ads. You can test out limitless images and headlines, and you can cancel your campaign whenever you want.

Sign them up. Get your fans to sign up for email blasts and offer something for them to do so. Discounts or being entered into a drawing are good incentives to share their information.

Speak to them. You can send messages to anyone who “likes” your page. Use this to send out relevant messages, news or promotions to your fan base.

Speak with them. Engage in conversation. If you are asked a question, respond. If you are given a compliment, thank them. Be careful with any negative feedback. Use this as an opportunity to learn how you can improve.

Let them speak for you. Sponsored Stories is a way that Facebook enables you to promote your positive feedback, mentions and updates from your fans. Use this to show off what people are saying about you.


Via: http://www.startupnation.com/articles/15-tips-for-crazy-good-facebook-marketing/