In order to increase engagement on your social media, there are many things to keep in mind when creating posts for your brand. Accounts, length, content, attachments, timing and quantity are all crucial aspects to consider. Buddy Media assessed what tactics received the highest engagement rates by looking at the Facebook and Twitter usage of some of the world’s biggest brands. Here are some tips to help you increase engagement with your brand’s social media presence.

Separate Accounts, Separate Posts: Be careful—Facebook and Twitter are by no means the same. While one post could be successful on Twitter, it could go unnoticed on Facebook and vice versa. Craft your Facebook and Twitter accounts separately for the best results.

K.I.S.S.: Keep It Short and Sweet. Even though Facebook doesn’t have a 140-character limit, lengthy posts are not the way to go. Followers are more likely to skim past long posts.

Attach It! Photos on Facebook receive more Likes, comments and shares than links or videos. For Twitter, attach photos or links. Tweeting links receives a 86% higher retweet rate (but don’t forget to shorten the link)!

Call to Action: Tell your followers how they should interact. For example, in a Facebook post you can ask friends to “Like this if you agree” or “share this photo with your friends.” People are more likely to Like or share a post if they are asked to do so. On Twitter, ask followers to retweet your post. When you ask your followers questions, pose the question at the end of the post to produce a better response rate.

When To Post: Weekends are best and Wednesdays are worst when posting to Facebook and Twitter. Your social media shouldn’t take a break on the weekend when consumers are more active on social media. Stray away from posting your most important information on Wednesday because this is the slowest day of the week.

While the best and worst days to post on Facebook and Twitter are the same, the best time of day to post isn’t. During weekdays, Facebook receives higher engagement between the hours of 8PM and 7AM, and Twitter receives higher engagement between the hours of 7AM and 8PM.

Quality not Quantity: Don’t blow up your followers’ news feeds. For Facebook, limit your posts to one or two times a day. For Twitter, the magic number is four. After the fourth Tweet, engagement rates dip below average.