Logos are a staple of a business’s brand. It’s important that your company’s visual identity be unique and memorable. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for logos.

Pay a pro. An amateur’s work will look…amateurish. If your logo doesn’t look professional, then neither will your business.

Ignore trends. These don’t stand the test of time, but your logo should. Even though you may see many swooshes or bevels in small business logos, don’t be tempted to follow the pack.

Vector graphics are a must. Vectors ensure visual consistency because they are mathematically based and not pixels on a canvas. A vector can be stretched or condensed to any size without sacrificing visual clarity. Pixel-based images will pixelate.

No stock art. Logos need to be unique—stock art is not.

Complex is bad. Complex logos are hard to remember, and logos should be memorable. You should be able to summarize a logo in a few words. If you can’t? Scrap it.

Color is not always colorful. Be sure to check how your logo translates to black-and-white print. If removing color removes the logo’s identity it won’t work.

Font. Don’t use too many fonts. A maximum of two is recommended. Also, avoid infamous fonts (like Comic Sans) like the plague.

Don’t copy. If a logo reminds you too much of another company’s, it’s a good idea to start over. Originality is a virtue that pays off in the design world.

Via: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/06/25/10-common-mistakes-in-logo-design/