It happens to everyone—your brain comes to a halt and fails to produce anything of value. Let’s call it ‘creative block.’ It can tear through your motivation and momentum like a tornado through a trailer park. If you’re having trouble thinking creatively, try out a few of these tips.

Do something mindless. A repetitive task that lets you shut off your brain can be a good catalyst for creative thought. Go for a drive or take a shower to let your mind wander and see where it winds up. Research suggests that letting your mind rest with simple tasks helps different brain networks spool up and fire off neurons. Remember, Archimedes discovered the principle of buoyancy and displacement in the bathtub.

Get blue. Work in a blue room. Paint it if you have to. Or get a blue LED bulb. Blue is shown to help people relax and let imaginations run amok. Avoid red though. It makes you anxious.

Laugh it off. Mood affects creativity. Browse YouTube for a bit and have a laugh. Or cheer yourself up with videos of kittens. A good mood can liberate creativity. Studies show that by activating your anterior cingulated cortex (the part of the brain linked to empathy and emotion) you can help expand your train of thought.

Sleep on it. Taking a nap will help your brain to consolidate memories, reorganize thoughts and generate ideas. Have you ever solved a problem or answered a question right before you fell asleep? It’s pretty common because sleep helps your brain to extract knowledge.