Working from home, wearing a mask in public, and standing six feet apart represent only a few changes we experience on a daily basis due to the worldwide pandemic. Our lives and priorities seem very different from what they once were just 8 months ago.


Regardless of a constantly changing world, one thing still remains crucial… advertising. In a time when many businesses must close their doors (unfortunately, forever), it remains vital that you advertise your brand, your product or your service effectively and appropriately.


Here are some guidelines to boost your advertising game during this pandemic:


  1. How advertising has changed and continues to change.


At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, advertisers pulled many commercials because they inappropriately promoted products in a time of crisis. The Wall Street Journal (link here, points out that the use of large crowds and improper hygiene were not effective ways to promote a product in a time of social distance and hand hygiene.


We began shifting from ordinary commercials to sympathetic commercials made to comfort the individuals viewing them at home. This allowed companies to stay relevant, but also relate to consumers in a time of need. These commercials successfully communicated comfort; however, they became repetitive. With every company promoting wellness, viewers are constantly reminded of their struggles.


As we can see now, advertising has begun shifting from sympathetic messages into messages with more humor. Many companies use advertising to mock how different our daily lives are. Humor allows the viewer to temporarily leave the hard situations they may face and live in the moment (while remembering your product or service). When using comedy in your advertisements, it is still crucial to adapt the humor to the time we are in now.


While a long-term forecast of advertising is uncertain, like everything in the COVID era, it is certain that if you invest in your advertising and messages during a crisis, you will more often than not come out stronger.


  1. The do’s for advertising during the pandemic.


Your ability to think outside of the box and advertise differently than your competitors can deliver incredible results.


According to Becker’s HEALTH IT, (link here, 48% of consumers want to see how your product or service can combat COVID-19. Use your product or service to convey actions and mentalities that can aid in this time of need. As we’ve seen, sympathetic, comforting messages are becoming repetitive. Demonstrating how your product or service can help will convey the same message but more effectively.


Another tip to keep in mind is the value of depicting reality. Advertisements are moving toward gently mocking how different our actions and behaviors are today than they were months before the pandemic. You must use caution when mocking reality. Balance sensitivity and humor to project your message.


  1. The don’ts for advertising during the pandemic.


Regardless of your ad’s message, make sure it includes an appropriate tone. Ensure you are not promoting large gatherings of people or actions that would go against CDC guidelines.


The advertisement should incorporate sympathy, helpful tips in combating COVID-19 issues and humor in a way that does not become repetitive or insulting. This fine line is difficult to achieve but it can set you apart from your competitors.


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