Writing marketing emails is easy. Getting people to open those emails is another story entirely. You know the feeling too. You go through and delete emails from businesses all the time. Your junk folder is probably exponentially larger than your inbox. People just don’t read emails, which is why you have to try even harder to make them want to. Here are a few tips to writing an email that people will actually read.

Keep the Subject Line Short. Checking emails happens fast, so make the subject line skim-able. Plus, fewer characters show up when emails are checked on cell phones, so keep it to about 25-35 characters.

Lead With the Good Stuff. People are probably not going to read every word of the email you slaved away on, agonizing over every word. Heartbreaking, I know. They’re going to stop reading it at some point, and sooner rather than later. So put the important stuff at the beginning. Then maybe, just maybe, that will be good enough to  keep them interested.

Give a Timeframe. “Registration ends today.” “Limited  Space Available.” These phrases and others like them create urgency and grab attention. You can’t help but look.

Personalize It. This seems like common sense, but it’s important. People like to be talked to like they’re people, not just customer number 2,309.

DON’T DO THIS. ALL CAPS TURNS PEOPLE OFF. It’s the textual equivalent of screaming, so unless you’re also employing a town crier to sell your business, this should be avoided.


Via: http://www.businessinsider.com/write-perfect-email-subject-line-for-marketing-company-2014-3