In the final installment of our series on the advantages of hiring an agency over hiring in-house, we’re going to examine why the stiff competition for applicants can throw a wrench into building an effective team. (You can read part one of our series here and part two here.)

#3: Hiring an agency means you don’t have to compete for the best applicants.

Running a successful strategic marketing campaign requires a team of experienced professionals. Strategists, writers, graphic designers, web producers—these are the people you need. Unfortunately, so does everyone else. And right now, the job market is booming and the competition for qualified applicants has never been tougher. Employers with deep pockets have an immense advantage in recruiting. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else is left out in the cold.

Instead of spending time, money, and resources competing for all the positions a marketing department needs, an agency gives you an entire team of professionals ready to go to work for you. And best of all, this isn’t their first rodeo together. They’ve already worked as a team on countless campaigns. They know what works and what doesn’t.

That brings us to the end of our series of why an agency can be a smarter choice than in-house marketing. Let’s recap: An agency is more cost-effective. An agency saves you a lot of time. And an agency gives you top talent without having to compete for it.

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