Would you believe it that the average person spends more of their life on social media than they do eating and drinking? It’s true. According to influencer marketing agency, Mediakix, people spend over five years of their life on social media, compared to only three and a half years of eating and drinking. That’s pretty important for businesses, and it’s the key reason that advertisers have tried to insert themselves into online culture.

Let’s talk specifically about Instagram (the average person spends about eight months of their life there). Once the overlooked little brother of Facebook, Instagram now boasts 700 million monthly users – and a wide open door for brands to reach them. It’s even easier with recent updates like Instagram business accounts, stories, and shoppable pictures. If that all sounds confusing and/or overwhelming, here are three things you can easily do right now:

  1. Start telling your story.

Instagram pictures offer a behind-the-scenes look to follows of a brand, and its users value that. Production, office fun, family values, recipes. You can capture it all on Instagram stories. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories flash onto a screen for ten seconds at a time and can be added to and replayed before they disappear 24 hours after posting. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram stories are better suited for advertising. Brands can link to their website for direct purchase or inquiry. They can also tag other Instagram accounts within a picture. Instagram stories are also a great way to provide live updates for an event or sporting competition you’re associated with. So, no matter what your brand story is: Start telling it with the Instagram story feature!

  1. Get people talking.

How awesome would it be if you posted a picture and people actually commented or made a purchase? So great, right? One way to make that happen is by asking questions. Ask users where they enjoy using your product or how it fits into their life. It all depends on your brand, but get creative. The important thing is to refrain from posting blatant promotional posts all of the time. Instead, get followers talking about something they care about—likely, it’s a core value of your business (eg. small business, nature, family). Even if you delve into the highly lucrative world of paid Instagram advertising, make sure you convey your brand in a way that others can and will respond to. People are pretty good at spotting cheesy, so unless that’s part of your spiel, be honest with your posts—both sponsored and otherwise. The comments and sales will follow.

  1. Keep on doing it.

Do you post customers’ success stories every Saturday? A fun office selfie every Friday? Spontaneity has its place, but consistency will help your brand gain traction as a mainstay on Instagram feeds. What’s more, it ensures you’ll have regular content. This strategy also works in the long term. Your brand can offer a giveaway every month or do a big countdown for new product reveals. Make it fun and make it you (But giveaways are always a big hit. People love free things)!

You don’t have to spend eight months of your life on Instagram to start reaping the advertising benefits it has to offer. Tactics and strategy definitely come into play, but what it comes down to is this: Tell your story, engage followers, and be consistent. If you do it well, you’ll build a following of like-minded individuals who increasingly support your company.


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