My phone buzzes, and a text from my roommate comes through saying “Can everyone in the house be quiet this evening around 5 p.m.? I have an interview in my room.” Excuse me. What?

I went downstairs to my roommate’s room to see what was happening. She was setting up her laptop on a stool and prepping a space that had a blank background. Only a chair faced the laptop on the stool. Does she have an interview with a computer?

My roommate asked me what she should wear for her interview. Obviously, a suit. Her response, “I don’t know what to wear. I guess I only need a nice blouse. The person interviewing won’t see my pants. Oh, but what if the person asks me to stand up? Then what do I do?”

At this point I had to ask. What type of interview was this? My roommate said she was having a video chat interview with a company on the East Coast.

Why video chat?

Video chatting is known as a “recruiting software,” meaning that companies use it to interact with potential clients, employees, investors, partners, and more. Web cameras have become an invaluable piece of equipment for strategic marketing. Video chat is the new face of interactions and interviews.

Video chat scenarios:

  • Interview
  • Marketing pitch
  • Conference call
  • Meeting

Keep in mind:

  • Even though no one is technically in the room with you, people can still see you and are most likely judging your appearance and how you model yourself.
  • You have to find an appropriate location.
  • Take the video chat as seriously as an in-person interaction.
  • Location/background gives away just as much information as your words do.
  • Double-checking that your technology works ensures that your computer, mobile device, or electronic doesn’t shut down during the session.
  • Technology handles and usernames—please keep it professional, dancingkitten32.
  • Test the camera and lighting.
  • Dress appropriately and as if you were having an in-person interaction. Better safe than sorry.
  • Noises are just distractions to you and the person on the other side of the video chat. Keep them to a minimum.
  • Eye contact is key in any interaction, especially over the web where the interaction is limited. Try to maintain eye contact with the camera and not stare at the person’s image on the screen, or worse, your own.
  • Prepare yourself for questions and comments as you would an in-person meeting, interview, conference, etc.
  • Be at the right height for the camera so you appear on the screen properly.

Technology saves time and money, but are you really getting to know applicants and investors as well as during an in-person interview? And, applicants, are you really getting to know your future employer that well through the web instead of in-person? What if the place you thought was such a perfect fit for you was really a dud? Like how the employer thinks you are all put together over the video chat, but really you aren’t even wearing pants. A lot can be an illusion over video. Make sure to do some extra research.

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