Which Game of Thrones character are you? Which state do you belong in? How long will you live? What is your spirit animal? All of these are quizzes you can easily find online. Go ahead, Google it. I’ll still be here after you find out that you’re Robert Baratheon (at least you didn’t get Hodor!). There is an abundance of these kinds of interactive tools online. Why? Because people want to use them. Which is precisely why marketers should pay attention.

People like to interact. Yes, with people, but also with things. The most viewed pages ever on Slate, Time and The New York Times websites are all interactive content. It’s brief, fun and highly shareable, which is why you now know that your cousin actually belongs in California. Interactive content has a social sharing rate of 20%, which far exceeds that of any news article or blog.

I’m not saying you should start berating your customers with arbitrary quizzes. I’m saying you should take advantage of the desire they have to take such quizzes. Finding out things about your customers will help you market to them better, which is why many companies embed interactive content like surveys and personality assessments in their emails. The customers identify their own points of interest, which allows you to deliver the perfect marketing message to them.

“But my emails to customers hardly ever get opened,” you say? This could help. The average email click rate is 5%. Interactive content has a click rate of 50%. It gets your foot in the door.

Dabble with interactive content on your website and social media channels. It could be polls, contests (photo contests are especially popular on Twitter) or anything else that asks the customer to participate. It will give you information while improving your brand image.

Make the content quick and fun so they don’t feel like they’re taking a customer satisfaction survey, and make the results something they’d want to share, which will in turn drive more leads to your site. If it goes viral, that’s great, but a few shares are worth a lot too. And since I know you’re dying to know: Jon Snow, Oregon, 84 years and the bat.