If you haven’t figured it out yet we are in the social media age, which means you have to be present and interactive online. It’s not good enough anymore to just have a website. Having social media platforms requires a vast amount of time and management, though. That’s why we’ve rounded up some advice to make it easier and more effective.



Your customers want to feel noticed by you. They want to feel special. In order to do this, you need to know exactly who your target audience is. When you know who your target audience is and what their interests are, you can cater your online presence to them. Show them that you understand them and form a connection.



This is another way to show your customers that you recognize them; a single tweet to a customer can send butterflies to their stomach. Yes, it can be that effective.


Talk to your customers about what their needs are and what they want from your business. The customer’s best interest is your best interest, and what they say should influence your responses and advertising.



Track your return on investment. ROI is generally measured by dollars returned by an investment. But since we’re in the social media age, ROI can also be measured by clicks, mentions, keywords, favorites, etc. There are several tracking systems online that you can use such as Google Analytics.


Go Analog

But don’t forget that interaction doesn’t stop and end with social media. Get your creativity rolling and try to come up with unique ideas on how to promote your business and in the real world. This will help create attention. Try to arrange products in an artistic way near the entrance of your store. It can attract attention to the product and its benefits in a way that your customers may miss if it stayed on the shelf.


Interactive marketing is about your customers. Cater to their needs and they will be happy, consistent customers.


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