Your new website is finally finished and you couldn’t be more proud of it. While it may look great, did you keep the most important factor in mind when creating it? Is it user-friendly? Take a look at the list of elements below to help determine if your website has kept its costumers in mind.

Navigation and Orientation: Can a user find their way around your website with ease? They should always be able to tell where on the website they need to go and where on the website they are at any given time.

Functionality: Does everything on your website work? Make sure you check links and pages to make sure users won’t be led to a non-existent page.

Help or Contact Page: Every website should include one of these even if you don’t see the point of it. Including this creates comfort and builds trust with a user.

Use of Language: While whoever composed the copy for your website may have a vast knowledge on the subject matter, it is important to make sure the language isn’t jargon or confusing. It should be easily understandable for your website’s projected audience.

Visual Clarity: We have no doubt that your website looks great from a design standpoint, but would users feel the same way? Sometimes, simple designs are better. Try to steer clear of complicated, intricate designs that do more to deter users than help.

Excessive Advertisements: How annoying are those websites where advertisements are constantly getting in the way of what we want to do on the site? Don’t be one of them.

We realize this is a lot to keep in mind when creating a website. As long as you keep the user in mind, though, you’ll be in good shape. If ever in doubt, Creative Spot offers a free website evaluation for any company looking for help with creating a successful online brand. You can also contact us at 614-280-9280 or at