As technology capabilities continue to expand, companies find more and more new ways to flood their message out to potential consumers.While companies are ecstatic about finding new ways to reach their consumers, consumers are less enthused with the resulting data overload.

As personal needs change, consumers find themselves moving out of the target consumer category of even their most beloved brands. If a consumer is ready to hear from your company less, then graciously allow them to “begone.”

Begone” is a new movement that allows consumers to easily be removed from mailing lists without jumping through a series of hoops. Allowing consumers to “begone” will leave a good taste in their mouth even when they choose to distance themselves from a brand. This tactic allows companies to continue strong relationships with consumers outside of their target audience, which ultimately develops a positive brand image.

Minimizing data overload can also be applied within your company. Many companies have become dependent on PowerPoint presentations and mass emails to get messages out to co-workers, while executing exciting marketing tactics to reach consumers. Strive to apply creativity to not only external communications, but also internal communications, and as always keep messages concise.

In a recent Ad Age article, it is pointed out that Steve Jobs is one of the best presenters of our time. Jobs isn’t successful due to unique public speaking skills or Apple’s innovative products, but for getting straight to the point and leaving out frivolous charts, graphs and data.

Having so much data and technology at our fingertips doesn’t mean consumers and employees appreciate being bombarded with information. The surge of technology abilities requires companies to be even more thoughtful about the messages they are sending out. Allowing unenthused parties to move on and keeping messages brief will in the long run develop stronger relationships both externally and internally.