Large events like the Grammys and the VMAs generate a huge amount of social media activity, and marketers are taking note. That’s why this year’s Super Bowl was like never before in advertising. With the recent surge in real-time marketing, most companies were set up for a big night on Sunday.

One company in particular had an interesting strategy. Adobe, which sells platforms that help marketers execute digital campaigns that run alongside TV, set up a “war room” like many other companies. But they did something different. Rather than interacting with the general public, as most did, they focused on other companies.

This isn’t surprising. After all, Adobe’s main market is other businesses. Still, it’s something new in the B-to-B world. We’ve seen hundreds of real-time marketing and planned social media events this year, but this is the first major one aimed at accomplishing B-to-B work.

Adobe used their analytics tools to identify which brands’ digital and social efforts resonated and congratulated them using social media. It’s a brilliant idea: they showed off their product’s effectiveness to the world while simultaneously showing why it is needed.

Adobe also ran an ad before, during and after the game that was promoted tirelessly via social media. So not only did Adobe measure and congratulate the social media prowess of others, they took part as well. It should be no surprise that a digital company is at the forefront of digital marketing. Just one more reason that theirs is an example to follow.