There are endless ways to advertise, though I don’t particularly recommend standing on a street corner in a costume. These tried and true mediums are excellent ways to get your product or service in the public eye.

Billboards. What’s most likely to catch your eye as you drive down the highway? Probably a billboard. It’s a time-tested method of advertising. When designing and writing copy for a billboard, be bold. Include most prominently what you’re selling, who’s selling it, and where to find it. That’s about it—don’t overload drivers because their attention is limited.

Online. The options are endless on the Internet. Create your own website. Buy ad space on other websites. Take out a YouTube advertisement. Whatever you do, don’t be obnoxious. Online ads are easy to skip, ignore, or block. But if it’s interesting, relevant, and beautiful, people might pay attention. Try not to cash in on a current popular meme, either, because consumers can smell when a brand is trying too hard to be cool.

Print. In the good ol’ days, print ads ran almost exclusively in the newspaper. You can still do this, but there are many more options to choose from. Brochures, flyers, posters, packaging, and direct mail are all physical manifestations of your brand or product. Write clean, concise, and informative copy. Use photos of happy people using your product. Keep the design consistent with your brand.

Radio. It’s still around, and people listen to it most in the car. Radio spots should be pleasant to hear; otherwise, listeners will change the station. It’s fun to create an environment of sound, so don’t be afraid to take a leaf out of old radio plays’ books. Get to the point, tell a story, and provide information on how to learn more.

Television. TV combines print, audio, and visuals in the mother of all advertisements. Show real people doing real things with your real product. Or tell a completely different story. There are no hard and fast rules for TV ads because creativity has no limits. Testimonials can be effective as long as they don’t delve into the ridiculous realm of infomercials.

These are only the most common mediums—don’t be afraid to try some newer methods in your strategic marketing.