A while back, we talked about bringing your audience directly to you with special events. But there are creative ways to go directly to your audience as well. Here are a few to get you started.

Conferences and Trade Shows

Business conferences are a great networking opportunity and learning experience. You can attend as a guest or register as a speaker if you are an expert on the topic. Either way, you’ll meet many new people in your industry and are sure to learn something new.

You can also attend trade shows and register to set up your own booth. Bring branded merchandise that advertises your company name or logo to give to interested customers.

These shows are a great way to let potential customers test out your products and interact with them face-to-face. For more information, this article has helpful tips for succeeding at a trade show.

Food Trucks

Although this can be a big investment, food trucks are a great way to travel directly to your audience. You can go to local businesses and set up shop in their parking lot (with their permission, of course) or look into locations around town to travel and sell your products. Be sure to research the laws in your town to make sure you have the right permits to do so.

No food? No problem! Check out how the clothing brand, PINK, went on a campus tour in a giant pink bus.

Local Events

Research events happening in your area and see if you can participate or help in some way. Maybe your company has an expert who can speak at the event. Maybe they need catering and your business is a restaurant. Perhaps you can sponsor the event so your company logo is on all of the marketing materials. This is a great way to not only partner with other local businesses, but to expand your network as well.

These are just a few ways you can bring your company directly to your audience. Try adding one of these ideas into your strategic marketing plan for 2019 so you can meet your customers where they already are.

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