Our world is anything but stagnant. For an individual, this is hard. For advertisers, it’s even harder. Cutting through the clutter is tricky enough, let alone staying in a prominent spot where consumers can see you. That’s one reason companies are turning from the in-your-face promotions of the past, in favor of narrative-based advertising. Here’s why you should too.

If the goal of advertising is, as AdAge asserts, to make people feel something, then storytelling is the bread and butter of our craft. Stories are a point of connection, an emotional trigger that penetrates the messages of “Buy! Buy! Buy!” And there are many unconventional ways to tell them and advertise your brand.

One key way to do that is through video. Red Bull, for example, is one of many companies that have launched their own branded video content channels. On Red Bull TV and the Red Bull TV app, users can watch everything from extreme sports documentaries to live concerts around the world. In watching, consumers are slowly immersed in the Red Bull brand culture and voila: Red Bull gains major support and awareness.

Red Bull TV isn’t selling a drink. It’s selling a story, a lifestyle. Consumers will remember that Red Bull skateboard competition more than plain text that says: “Get Red Bull.”

And remember, you aren’t limited to the traditional story format. There are multiple ways to take the story approach to advertising. Have you seen how obsessed people are with taking photos of their food? Brands in the food industry have capitalized on this trend by posting recipe videos featuring their products.

They are creating a story, a visual progression of what a consumer can do with their product. It’s exciting and empowering to the audience. Most importantly: It works! A 2015 study found that 75% of foodies cook at home several times a week, and they are using social media more than seven times a day to find inspiration for that cooking.

These are just a few examples. The point is: Storytelling is a highly effective way to advertise. As Inc.com puts it, “a good storyteller can describe the target customer’s problem in a way that engages the mind and imagination of his or her audience.”

That engagement is the first step to translating a consumer into your customer. It is how you cut through the clutter and become a brand that people not only know, but love.


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