Change isn’t always easy. It often involves stepping outside of our comfort zone and opening ourselves to new experiences. But evolving our businesses to meet an ever-changing market is an essential move that could make or break the way we connect with our consumers. Apple recently gave the world a perfect example of how embracing change can lead to huge success.

The launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus marked the first time in iPhone history that Apple utilized a large screen display. Apple has resisted producing a large screen phone for years, claiming their fans wouldn’t like a phone that could barely be used with one hand. Their willingness to take a risk and change their product ignited record-breaking sales for Apple and caused a 6-week backorder for the giant iPhone 6 Plus.

Like Apple, having the willingness to change our current business practices can help us more effectively meet and exceed our consumers’ needs. If you only advertise with print and radio, making a change and expanding to online digital marketing may be a more effective way to engage with your customers and get them talking about your brand.

Making the transition to new marketing strategies can seem like an overwhelming task. The world of online and social media marketing is always changing. It requires continually educating yourself on the latest trends and strategies. Find someone within your organization who is enthusiastic about learning these techniques and building an effective online presence. Try to get everyone in your company excited about the change and highlight the benefits that an online presence will have for your business. Engage those employees who are willing to learn and grow.

Change is tough. Especially when it comes to the way we market our business. But being online is becoming a necessity and not an option. Your competitors know it, and your consumers know it. If your business isn’t ready to face this change, it could cost you current and future business. So take a risk. Try something new. Get online. Your customers are talking. Make sure they are talking about you.