Graphic Designer

Sam is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), where she majored in advertising and graphic design, with a minor in copywriting. While Sam was a student, she interned at Creative Spot, and we were fortunate to welcome her back to the team in a full-time role after graduation. Sam is also a talented visual artist, working in paint and charcoal.

The best way to strike up a conversation with Sam is to ask her about the latest show she watched, the next video game she wants to play, or the last concert she went to. (Warning: Bring up Egyptian, Greek, or Norse mythology at your own peril. She may never stop talking.)

Quick Facts

Her Creative Spot: Bouncing ideas, thoughts, and concepts off people at hyperspeed. Or walking around malls and stores and finding designs that catch her eye.

Loves: Most music, reading, rock band concerts, hanging with close friends

If She Wasn’t In Advertising: She’d either tour with bands or become an online video game streamer.

Favorite Mythical Animal: Phoenix. Who doesn’t like a flaming bird that looks super fierce?