Dancing for attention may seem foolish, but it is a completely credible form of advertising.


Sign dancing can be an effective means of advertising if done right. It is something that draws in people’s attention and brings a smile to their faces. Whether they are driving, walking, or riding a bike, consumers will stop and stare at the dancing man on the corner of the street. And if you’re lucky, they will even look at what he is holding.

Dancing is considered a language in itself. It can tell a lot about the dancer, business, and the product. And if consumers can’t interpret the dancing, they will at least find it interesting and funny.

Sign dancing is an efficient way to advertise for many reasons: the convenience of dancing, no media placement costs, visibility in high traffic public areas, and its mobility. And if the dancer is close to your business, the sign will lead them right to your door.

Put simply, sign dancing is a fun advertising art form.


Today’s sign dancing is not the first of its kind. It started because of increased taxes for poster space and increased competition of businesses for that poster space. These businesses needed a new, unique way to get across their messages. Sign dancing has also been used as a form of protest. People have various approaches to sign dancing, such as different spins, dressing in eye-catching clothes, decorating banners, and the ubiquitous sandwich man with a board on each side.

Some people want sign dancing to be illegal because it is distracting. This just proves how effective sign dancing can be.

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