Social Media is big. Really big. And only getting bigger. Now a days, everybody and their mother is blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, YouTube-ing, Redditing, Link-ing In, and using any other social media outlet they can find. It is everywhere! Social media has fundamentally changed our culture by changing the method and manner (lol any1?) that we communicate. And where the people go, the businesses follow. This is because social media and the Internet have allowed consumers to make purchasing decisions based on peer reviews, online research, and really any website that even mentions a company or product. You might not be saying something about your product, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t being talked about.

The social media phenomenon has led many companies to embrace social media as a way to reach and interact with their customers. And it is a great way to do this. But if social media is so big and used by millions of people and businesses, how can your business shine? Anybody’s Twitter or Facebook feed changes so fast that they might never see your business updates. There are so many blog posts and YouTube videos that any particular message can be impossible to find without a direct link. So what can your company do? Too little exposure and your markets won’t hear about you; too much exposure and they will quickly tire of hearing about you. If you’re looking for an exposure level that is just right, then follow these recommendations to help your business soar above the clutter.

Don’t try to be everywhere

It is a fact that there is nothing better than Nutella on toast. But even something as amazing as that can be ruined; you can overload your toast with Nutella and make it too sweet; you can also spread your Nutella too thin. This fundamental Nutella Law also applies to social media. Updating your Twitter every 5 minutes may not be the greatest idea. Make sure every post has a purpose. If you are posting just to increase exposure and not engaging or interesting your followers, they may stop following you.

Just as you don’t want to spread your Nutella too thin, putting yourself on too many social media sites isn’t a good idea either. If you don’t have the manpower to monitor, update, and interact with all of your social media audiences, none of them will visit your site or check your irregular posts. The best way to use social media is to pick a few outlets and truly engage in those social communities. If you don’t know which outlets your company should choose, browse this Social Media Guide, which tells you what each outlet does.

Keep a look out for Part Two of this blog, where we examine how and why it is important to interact with your social media communities.