Working with social media opens your company up to such a vast network of potential consumers that it is often easy to forget the increased need for personalized marketing tactics and two-way communication to successfully reach the consumer.  Part 1 of  “Spotlight on Social Media” focuses on establishing two-way communication.

The Power of Two-Way Communication

The underlying goal of any company’s social Social Mediamedia campaign is to increase brand awareness, loyalty and sales. Companies create campaigns that entice the consumer to act but so often forget that they too can do something for the consumer. It’s a simple case of give and take. Utilizing the two-way street of communication will attract consumers.

Using Twitter? Follow other tweeters. This will make your brand more personal to consumers by building direct relationships and can expand the number of users viewing your message through the reverse tweet feature.

Using Facebook? Give users special deals. In a recent Ad Age study, two-thirds of consumers admitted they are more motivated to “like” a brand if they believe they will receive a discount, coupon or special offer through the brand’s page. If a consumer is willing to “like” your brand they are opening themselves up to receive all your future messages; reward them by giving an offering or deal in return.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – “Personalized Tactics” coming soon!