Part 2 of our “Spotlight on Social Media” focuses on the importance of personalized tactics.

Personalized Tactics

Personalized online tactics used to mean including the consumer’s name in an email, but social media now pushes companies to have direct conversations with consumers. Companies can deliver brand messages, key information and product/service attributes to consumers who have voluntarily asked for information! Presenting consumers with opportunities to provide their own creative posts, tweets, videos and more can enhance the personalization of these deliveries.

Using YouTube? Give consumers a voice. Most successful viral video campaigns feature consumer-made clips. When consumers are so inspired by a brand that they contribute to the campaign other consumers will feel the message hits close to home.

Using Twitter? Actively participate in the Twitter community. Talk to consumers, as long as it fits with your company’s personality and values. Don’t just provide them with links and information about your offerings, but listen to what they have to say. If you listen to your consumers they’ll listen to your messages in return, and they may even re-tweet your posts out to their network!

Incorporating two-way communication and personalized tactics allows you to truly reap the benefits of social media. When consumers tap into social media outlets they are already buying into the brand. A simple “like” on Facebook or new Twitter follower means one more consumer is interested in listening to your message. Show consumers you are excited about their engagement by acknowledging, rewarding and personally interacting with them.